Delete Message

Deletes the message.

Who can delete a message ?

  • Message Sender (1-1 conversation)
  • Message Sender (group conversation)
  • Group owner (group conversation)
  • Group moderator (group conversation)

In order to edit a message, you need to be either the sender of the message or the admin/moderator of the group in which the message was sent.

When you retrieve the list messages, for the messages that were deleted, the deletedAt and the deletedBy fields will be set.
For example, if the total number of messages for a conversation are 100, and the message with message ID 50 was deleted. Now the message with id 50 will have the deletedAt and the deletedBy fields set whenever it is pulled from the REST API.

Request sample:

DELETE /messages/:id HTTP/1.1
Content-type: application/json
Accept: application/json

   "permanent": "boolean"
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