1. Conversations will not be updated once the size of the group exceeds 300.
  2. A conversation can have up to 25 tags with 100 characters per tag.

Conversations provide the last messages for every one-on-one and group conversation the logged-in user is a part of. This makes it easy for you to build a Recent Chats list.

The following table lists the properties of a conversation in Conversation APIs.

conversationIdstringSpecifies conversation's unique ID.
conversationTypestringSpecifies the type of conversation.

Available types are:
unreadMessageCountstringSpecifies count of unread messages in that conversation.
createdAtintegerSpecifies unix timestamp when conversation was created.
updatedAtintegerSpecifies unix timestamp when conversation was last updated.
uidstringSpecifies the user's unique ID for whom conversation is initiated.
lastMessagenested objectSpecifies details of that conversation's last message, including one-one and group.
This makes it easy to build a Recent Chats list.
Couple of scenarios where the lastMessage property won't be visible:
a. If that message is deleted via SDK/API.
b. If a new group is created and there is no message or no members are added to the group yet.
conversationWithnested objectSpecifies details of user or group with whom above mentioned user is having conversation.