Constraints, Rate limits and Errors

Properties and Constraints:

ItemProperty or ConstraintNotes
Number of entities required in each request50Our API boosts the efficiency of processing requests by enabling users to transmit up to 50 entities within a single request.
Number of requests allowed in each api call60To ensure equitable usage and uphold service quality standards, CometChat enforces rate limits on each API endpoint. Specifically, a maximum of 60 requests per minute is permitted for these data import endpoints. Upon exceeding this limit, the API will respond with a rate limit error.


ERR_IMPORT_MUID_ALREADY_EXISTSThe message muid is expected to be unique. The muid will be a unique Identifier of the message.
ERR_IMPORT_INVALID_MESSAGE_FORMATThe value for messages property should be an array of message objects
ERR_IMPORT_INVALID_USER_FORMATThe value for users property should be an array of user objects.
ERR_IMPORT_INVALID_MEMBER_FORMATThe value for members property should be an array of member objects.
ERR_IMPORT_INVALID_JOINEDATThe value for joinedAt should be greater than createdAt and less than the current timestamp.
ERR_IMPORT_INVALID_GROUP_FORMATThe value for groups property should be an array of group objects.
ERR_TOO_MANY_REQUESTSToo many requests for data import API. 60 per minute is the maximum request allowed. Please retry for seconds after 58.